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5 Veggies That Grow Better When Nourished Epsom Salt

by Epsoak Salt Co Admin |

Vegetables, just like humans, need nutrients to grow properly. Just like an Epsom salt bath can give us a reboot, vegetables can become full-flavored and avoid catching pests.



Tomatoes are the best when they are sweet, juicy, and red in color. When picking tomatoes from your yard, you may have noticed that sometimes they’re pale in color. The fact of the matter is, your tomatoes are probably magnesium deficient. Create an Epsom salt water solution by adding 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water. Water your plants with the solution.


The perfect pepper is one you can bite into with a crunch. If the peppers from your yard are soft, they need magnesium. When planting peppers, dig a hole and fill it with Epsom salt. Cover the Epsom salt with a thin layer of dirt, and then plant as usual. Your peppers will be back to crunchy in no time!

Garlic & Onions

You may think your garlic and onions taste fine, but they could taste even better! When your garlic and onions are growing, water them with an Epsom salt solution (adding 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water). This boosts the flavor of the vegetables and you’ll have less tears when cutting them!

Green beans

During off-seasons, your green beans may have a yellow tone. This is caused by the deficiency in magnesium. Epsom salt for beans works differently than for vegetables. Magnesium is incorporated as a component for Chlorophyll, which boosts the green color we see.